Lighting Design Portfolio of Dustin L. Derry

Stonewolf Studios - Lighting Portfolio - Laser Design - Pre-Viz
Chicago Tap Theatre - Time Steps - 2016  Photo by: Joshua Hawkins The Flowering Tree  Photo by: Amitava Sarkar Chicago Tap Theatre - Changes - 2017 Photo by: Josh Hawkins Kehoe Designs - Corporate Party - 2017
The Little Mermaid - St. Ignatius College Prep - Nov 2016 Magic Of Bill Blagg LIVE! - PlexiBox Reveal  Photo by: Bill Blagg Chicago Tap Theatre - We Will Tap You - 2016 Moscow Ballet - 2015 - Arabian Variation  Photo by: Simon Paraire
St. Ignatius - The Great Gatsby - 2016 Pride and Prejudice - St. Ignatius High School - 2015 Moscow Ballet - 2015 - Dove of Peace  Photo by: Simon Paraire Inaside - SinDrom3  Photo by Ashley Deran
Trinity Irish Dancers - Curran Event   Photo by: Tracy Hohmann Holland Joel Hall Dancers - Anja: The Unexpected  Photo by: Jennifer Girard Hearts on Fire - 2015  Photo by Dustin L. Derry Trinity Irish Dance Company - Japan Tour - 2014
'The Candy Room' - ca. 2014 Chicago Tap Theatre - Circotap  Photo By: Joshua Hawkins Chicago Tap Theatre - Time Steps - 2016  Photo by: Joshua Hawkins Joel Hall Dancers - Anja: The Unexpected
Custom Logo in Laser - 2017 Vox Balanae: the voice of the whale Vox balanae concept rendering BCGHoliday2017E
Joel Hall Dancers - Anja: The Unexpected  Photo by Jennifer Girard Loyola Academy Dance: Scared  Photo by: Unknown 'Impenetrable' - Clockwise Theatre - Nov 2014 Natya Dance Theatre - The Flowering Tree - 2012  Photo by: Amitava Sarkar
Ms. Teen International Pageant -North Shore Center for Performing Arts in Skokie -  Skokie, IL Corporate Event - Pre-viz - 2017 Inaside - Everything out of my mouth...  Photo by Ashley Deran Corp Event.
Circotap - The Lion Tamer  Photo by: Joshua Hawkins Muntu Dance Chicago - Kakilambe Shadows of Self FromFOHControl
U of Dubuque - MacBeth - Conceptual Rendering - 2016 Rendering: Trinity Irish Dancer Realizzer Render Test A Quick ESPVision Render for a prospective client.
ESPVision - Concept for Strings Music Festival Pavillion ca. 2008 Dustin - At the Console